5 Things To Do When In Detroit

Detroit is certainly not the ideal city to visit in the United States. Detroit had grown to be deserted city due to the high crime rate. You will therefore rarely find anyone recommending you to is it Detroit. However, Detroit has begun its resurrection with several investors trying to rekindle the energy within Detroit.

When you visit Detroit, the following are 5 things to do;

1. See the Detroit Masonic Temple.

The Detroit Masonic Temple is vividly the largest of its type in the world. The temple portrays Gothic architecture. This temple is built using the fine Indiana Limestone. When you are in Detroit, you can visit the temple to explore the auditorium, Shrine Club, and the ritualistic tower. Currently, the temple provides a venue for concerts to other events.

2. Visit the Detroit Public Library.

Whether you love books or not, the Detroit public library is the place to be. The library holds a collection of so many books to date. The library was opened in 1865 with a collection of 5,000 books. Today this has made the library attracts so many tourists from all over the world. Moreover, the building has also been a reason most tourists visit the library.

3. Learn the history of Fort Wayne.

Located in West Jefferson is Fort Wayne whose history can be traced from the 1840s. When you visit the Fort, you get the opportunity to explore the dry moat & tunnel, old military barracks, long stone building which was used as the Commanding Officers residence and parade ground. In the summer months, several events are held at the Fort Wayne.

4. Visit the Detroit Historical Museum.

Do you want to learn the history of this great city, the Detroit Historical Museum is the place to be. You will get exposed to defining events and history surrounding Detroit. In the museum, you will view exhibits from various times in the history of the city and exact models of the old Detroit railways.

5. Visit the Henry Ford Museum.

The Henry Ford Museum is named after Ford himself. It is the perfect place to visit to learn about the achievements of the United States in industrial inventions.

In the Museum, you will see various exhibits ranging from the first steam locomotive, the first Ford car to the car that John F Kenndy was riding in during his assassination.

When in Detroit, the above are some of the ways to spend your time in the old city – read article on is detroit worth visiting.

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